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Employment Law for Employers

Employment law can be a rapidly changing and often complex area of law, as evidenced by the likes of the introduction of the furlough scheme in March 2020.   It is also unfortunately relatively easy for employers, dealing with redundancies or other forms of dismissal, to get things wrong without the right guidance, leaving them at risk of tribunal claims.

No matter the size of your business our employment team is here to help. Our specialist team will get to know you and your business providing tailored, practical advice. For smaller businesses we also offer a retainer package including training and ‘How to guides’.

Speak to us before you make key decisions from issuing contracts of employment as a start-up business to making redundancies or changing terms of employment.

Our employment law services include:

  • Contracts, procedures and employee statutory rights
  • Discrimination
  • Grievances and disciplinary action
  • Sickness absence
  • Redundancy and dismissal
  • TUPE
  • Drawing up settlement agreements
  • Defending tribunal proceedings

We will take the time to speak on the telephone or reply to email queries to establish whether we can help. If we can’t assist then we will advise you who can. If it is not economic for you to pay us to represent you in a court or tribunal, we can advise at more moderate cost how you can conduct your own case.

Whether you are just starting up your business or looking to recruit we can provide template employment contracts tailored to your needs, or carry out a review of any existing contract templates to ensure they are comply with modern legal requirements.

We can also provide template staff handbooks and stand-alone policies, as well as providing tailored guidance when it comes to understanding your employee’s statutory rights.

Contact us for a no obligation quote today.

The law of discrimination can be a minefield, extending beyond employees and workers to job applicants too. We can assist, whether it be training to help lessen the risks of discrimination in recruitment practices, guiding on reasonable adjustments for disabled employees or providing advice or support if an employee asserts that they have been the victim of discrimination. Contact us today.

Following a fair process is key to limiting the risk of claims when handling grievances raised or disciplinary action required. Whether you are a seasoned HR professional facing a less than usual situation, or a business dealing with your first internal grievance or disciplinary action, wanting to ensure you follow a fair process to limit the risk of a tribunal claim we can provide tailored support.

Managing sickness absence can be tricky. Whether you have an individual employee taking short but frequent periods of illness, or an employee on long term sickness absence, both place their own strains on the business and fellow colleagues as well as potential obligations to make reasonable adjustments, where an underlying disability is involved. Speak to us for clear guidance and support in this difficult area.

The process you follow can be just as important, if not more so, than the reasons behind any redundancy/re-structure resulting in the loss of jobs. Therefore, whether you need to cut costs or restructure parts of your business for other reasons it is important you take legal advice at an early stage, to ensure all areas of risk are covered and limiting the risk of successful tribunal claims further down the line.

Similarly, if you are contemplating dismissal for any other reason, a fair process should (in most cases) always be followed first.

Contact us for a no obligation chat today.

In conjunction with our corporate team we can guide you through your consultation and information sharing obligations in this very complex area of law, which not only applies to the sale of businesses (in whole or in part), but also to what we call service provision changes e.g. the outsourcing of services previously carried out in house to a contractor.

Settlement Agreements are becoming increasing common and can, in the right instance, be a practical resolution for both employers and employees where the employment relationship has irretrievably broken down. We will always consider the benefits of such an agreement with you where appropriate, drawing up an agreement tailored to your needs.

Whilst we always recommend taking advice at an early stage to limit the risk of claims, should you be on the receiving end of a claim we will guide you honestly and pragmatically through the process, advising on the strengths/weaknesses of your position and likely prospects at any final hearing.

We protect your interests but minimise strife by resolving matters practically wherever possible. For examples of the potential fees your business may expect to incur opposing tribunal proceedings for unfair or wrongful dismissal our pricing information can be found here. For all other types of claims please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote.

Louise Nunn

Partner/ Head of Employment | Employment

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