Ian Norman taking part in the Ironman European Championship, to raise awareness of, and funds for, ‘A Stroke of Luck’

Lightfoots Solicitors are proud to announce that Partner, Ian Norman, is taking part in the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt on 2nd July 2023. Ironman combines the three disciplines of Swim, Bike and Run. They cover distances of 3.8km Swim, 180km Bike and 42.2km of running. They are performed consecutively on one day without stopping and with just a short transition period between each and must be completed within 17 hours to qualify as Ironman status.

Ian is taking part as a personal challenge to raise awareness and raise funds for A stroke of luck (ASL), the stroke charity offering advice and access to exercise-based stroke recovery. This is in memory of his Mum who passed away after having a stroke in 2017.

At Lightfoots our heritage and position in the community is of great importance, and we regularly supports local community groups and charity organisations; we are very proud of Ian’s endeavour in aid of A Stroke of Luck.

A Stroke of Luck was founded by Craig Pankhurst after he experienced a stroke at the age of 39. It’s mission is to provide stroke survivors with the opportunity to access fitness professionals training services to aid their recovery and rehabilitation.

The vision at ASL is to enable stroke survivors to become socially mobile by improving their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. They have four values:

  • Inspire to achieve – Inspiring stroke survivors to see beyond their current situations and embrace physical exercise as a means to achieve a better quality of life.
  • Motivate to excel – Motivating stroke survivors by providing a pathway to excel at living within their situation.
  • Create your destiny – Your current situation need not be your final situation.
  • Embrace your new you! – Everyone is different, but we need to keep on developing no matter what life throws at us.

You can follow Ian’s journey to Ironman, and even join him out for a training ride or run, by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

You can also donate directly via JustGiving.

Ian will be appearing on A Stroke of Luck’s Instagram page for a live session on Friday 6th January at 6.30pm to talk about his big 2023 challenge. We look forward to seeing you there!