Lightfoots Solicitors family law services now available with Ampla Finance

16th January 2023

Lightfoots are pleased to announce that we have recently started working with Ampla Finance, a specialist lender specifically designed to help fund costs associated with divorce and other life events.

Ampla Finance work in partnership with you and your Solicitor, to design a matrimonial loan tailored to your needs, which only charges you for the amount you use. They reduce the admin by paying loan advances directly to your Solicitor and offer a user-friendly online tool which keeps you in control of the process throughout, without any hidden costs.

Petrova Caldecourt, Head of Family Law at Lightfoots, said, “We are pleased to be working with Ampla Finance to offer this service to clients who are often hesitant to take steps, which are in their interests, as they are concerned about financing it. We recognise this will not be suitable for all, but it means there is another route available to people in difficult circumstances.”

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