Petrova Caldecourt becomes a Partner

1st May 2021

“After a year of such turmoil and uncertainty I am delighted to say that as the country emerges from lockdown and can once more move forwards, Lightfoots is already on that path with some excellent and exciting news to share with you.

The Lightfoots partners have invited Petrova Caldecourt to become a partner in Lightfoots and I am proud to announce that she has accepted. This will be effective from 1st May 2021.

Following Gill Wright’s movement into a consultancy role last year, Petrova has for the past 12 months assumed responsibility for the Family team and will continue with that as we cement our regional position with our growing client base. I am certain she will add huge value to our partnership discussions and decision making with views and insights that will support the wider decisions that we as partners take across the four offices as we build the Lightfoots brand and culture.

Much like all other partner appointments before her, this opportunity is one that is fully deserved and in recognition of what Petrova has achieved since joining and the energy she has brought to the firm, team, other sub-committees, and more generally the high street office. We are confident she will continue to build on this as she begins this new phase of her Lightfoots career.

Congratulations Petrova!”

Joe Middleton – Senior Partner