Lightfoots successfully represent a husband in complex financial remedy proceedings

26th July 2021

The Lightfoots Solicitors Family Team have successfully represented a husband in complex financial remedy proceedings.

For many years during the course of the parties marriage, unbeknown to the husband, the wife had siphoned money from the matrimonial assets, placed the family home in jeopardy through defaulting on the mortgage, cashing in policies and diverting funds, incurring significant and substantial debts that meant the retirement the husband had believed he planned for was now out of reach. This, combined with non disclosure from the wife meant, often, in these proceedings the husband was operating with only a fraction of the information needed and inferences had to be drawn.

HHJ Vincent commended Lightfoots representation of the husband in what is a very sad and difficult situation, as they “comprehensively analysed the evidence, tried to make sense of it” providing helpful schedules and tables to assist in considering copious documents which were located in disarray at the family home having been concealed from the husband.

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