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Employment Law for Employees

Our specialist employment solicitors can assist you at any stage of employment, whether it be:

  • reviewing the terms of a proposed employment contract or guiding on the enforceability of post termination restrictions
  • providing guidance and support if you are facing disciplinary action
  • outlining your options if you are being unfairly treated in the workplace
  • identifying if you have been unfairly selected for redundancy
  • providing advice on settlement agreements
  • representing you in employment tribunal proceedings

We do not offer legal aid or free interviews, however, we are happy to speak to you on the telephone without commitment to see if there may be a way we can help you.

We can guide you if:

  • you are starting a new position and would like the proposed contract reviewed
  • you are looking to leave your job and are unsure of your legal position when it comes to post termination restrictions built into your current employment contract, or your employer has suggested your new employment will fall foul of such restrictions

Being on the receiving end of disciplinary action can be both a stressful and distressing experience. We will guide and support you through this process, as needed, including guidance on the process your employer should follow, the key points to set out at the disciplinary meeting and drafting letters of appeal.

If you are experiencing unfair treatment at work we can explain for you, in clear terms, your legal rights and any claims you may have against your employer, outlining your options and suggesting practical solutions.

Scenarios could include:

  • your employer refusing you your statutory employment rights
  • being subjected to bullying or harassment at work
  • being the victim of discrimination
  • being subjected to detrimental treatment because of concerns voiced at work

If your employer is currently carrying out a redundancy selection process, or you have been selected for redundancy, and have concerns over either the process or the reasons for your selection we can explore this with you and identify whether you may have any potential claims.

We can assist if your employer has approached you with an offer of a settlement agreement to bring your employment to an end. We will set out in clear terms your legal rights and any claims you may have against you employer.

We will also guide you on the terms of the agreement and its legal implications for you, helping you make an informed decision on the offer in front of you, as well as actively pushing on your behalf for any changes to the proposed agreement needed, including enhanced payment terms where appropriate.

There are many types of employment law claims, from unpaid wages (which may often be claimed in the County Court Small Claims Track) to Tribunal Claims for unfair dismissal or discrimination. No matter the nature of your claim we can assist, be this preparing the initial tribunal documentation, guidance on certain aspects of the tribunal process, seeking to negotiate settlement terms with your employer/former employer or full legal representation throughout up to and including the final hearing.

It is impractical to provide details of likely costs and timescales for dealing with all types of employment tribunal claims here. We give a range of estimates for a Tribunal claim for unfair / wrongful dismissal and are happy to advise about costs and timescales for other kinds of employment law claims on request. Our pricing information can be found here.

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