//Terms and Conditions of Business

Terms and Conditions of Business

Limit Your Liability

Are the terms upon which you engage and interact with customers, suppliers and others an accident waiting to happen? Are you and your business fully protected?

Terms and conditions should protect you whilst being clear and transparent for your valued customers and others you engage with. Chris Biggs specialises in drafting clear and concise terms and conditions.

Chris will get to know you, your business and the processes involved in it in order to:

Limit your liability insofar as possible when things do not go according to plan, so you are not left out of pocket;
Give peace of mind to you and/or your customers who engage with you, so that your business can grow safely and securely;
Ensure that you get paid when you need to be paid, and if you are not that there are options available to you to recover money or goods wherever possible, maintaining vital cash flow and helping you recover from others when things go wrong; and
Ensure that the assets and goodwill in your business, known as “intellectual property” are protected wherever possible, so you safeguard the value in your business.
It is not just about drafting terms and conditions appropriate for you and your business though; it is also about the way in which you operate. We will work with you to ensure that your sales and supply processes incorporate your new terms and conditions appropriately and in a way that protects you from difficulty later.

We have helped hundreds of businesses fulfil their potential, so whether you are starting out with a new product or business, or just looking for ways to improve your existing offer, please contact Chris.

Chris Biggs

Partner | Corporate & Commercial

01844 268 322


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