//Resolving Commercial Disputes

Resolving Commercial Disputes

Civil Litigation

Disputes can arise and unfortunately, when they do, they can place a huge amount of stress on you and your business interests. They can arise between the owners of a business, between a business and its suppliers, customers or other partners. If handled poorly, they can consume large amounts of your time and generate significant costs.

The way in which your case is handled can be driven by a wide variety of practical and commercial considerations, such as the need to maintain a strategic relationship for the good of your business, or the need to set the right precedent in respect of a particular issue.

We immediately get to know your situation, your objectives and any concerns that you may have so that our experienced solicitors and our ‘in-house’ barrister can provide you with practical, commercial and individually tailored advice to suit your circumstances. This means that where possible, the amount of time and cost involved can be kept to a minimum.

If appropriate, we can consider with you your options for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), such as mediation or arbitration.

We can help you with a wide variety of matters including but not limited to:

Personal Bankruptcy
Corporate Insolvency
Construction Law
Contract Disputes
Company Disputes
Debt Recovery
Partnership Disputes
Professional Negligence
Commercial and Residential Property Litigation
Property and Land Possession Claims
From the outset we can discuss the likely costs and your options for funding, taking away any unnecessary stress.

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