//Residential Conveyancing Remortgages

Residential Conveyancing Remortgages

Remortgaging a Property

It is always difficult to estimate when a matter will complete.  However, we anticipate the timescale for a remortgage is likely to be in the region of 6-8 weeks from receipt of instructions, any requested payment on account and satisfactory ID (and please note we need these in order to commence any work) and on the basis you promptly provide us with further instructions when required along with any other documentation/information that we may request/require as part of the transaction. If you instruct us, we will let you know if this timescale is likely to vary to a significant degree. We shall do our best to achieve your required timescale but our ability to do so may be affected by matters outside our control, such as delays in receiving required documentation, and information and/or responses from other parties.

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The Lightfoots residential conveyancing teams are made up of Solicitors (ranging from newly qualified to 10+ years’ experience), Licenced Conveyancers (ranging from newly qualified to 3+ years’ experience), and high-quality support staff. The teams are supervised by a partner or qualified solicitor with over 10 years’ experience working in residential conveyancing.

The team member(s) who will be on hand to assist you will depend on your conveyancing needs, including your location. See Our People for individual biographies.

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