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When a loved one dies, or becomes mentally incapacitated, it is hard managing your grief and dealing with all that needs to be done. This is where we can help you in doing so in a friendly and understanding way. If a person has left a will then we can guide you through the process of applying for probate and, if there is no will, then we can advise you on the rules (the intestacy rules) that determine what will happen to their estate. In both cases we can advise you on the inheritance tax consequences and the payment of any tax.

Our experienced probate team is made up of Solicitors with over 75 years’ combined experience in this area of law, a senior legal assistant (with over 30 years’ experience) and experienced support staff (one of which is STEP qualified). The team is supervised by a partner, Monica Havers, a solicitor who is STEP qualified and has over 20 years’ experience working in wills and probate, tax and trusts.

The particular team member(s) who will be on hand to assist you will depend on your needs.

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Probate – Fees and Services
Lightfoots provide services to support families going through bereavement by helping them deal with the legal work needed to gain access to their loved one’s assets and carry out their last wishes. How much this will cost depends on the type of estate and the level of complexity.

Our example scenarios, which provide guidance as to what might be expected for standard probate cases, i.e. the administration of uncontested wills with all assets in the UK (and is dependent on how much work the family wish to do themselves), and pricing information can be found here. Please read these carefully as some aspects of the work will not be carried out without specific instructions and additional expense. We will be happy to provide further information upon enquiry.

Monica Havers

Partner/ Head of Wills & Probate | Wills & Probate

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