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Stamp Duty Land Tax – Purchases of Additional Residential Property in England, Wales & Northern Ireland

In cases where it is proposed that you purchase or lease property, the transaction may give rise to a liability to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (“SDLT”) or at least a liability to file an SDLT Return
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Selling Alcohol? 1st October 2014: Licensing Conditions Change

Mandatory Licensing Conditions – What are they? The Secretary of State has the power to specify conditions to be attached to relevant premises licences and relevant club premises certificates
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Buying or Selling a Business - A Brief Guide to the Process

Sale and purchase process Knowing what is involved in the sale and purchase of a business from start to finish will help you (whether you are a seller or buyer) to understand the procedures and
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In or Out? Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 - Excluding Security of Tenure

Security of tenure – what is it? Part II of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 ("the Act") details the concept of security of tenure and seeks to balance the interests of a landlord and a business
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Pay and Display - Car Tax Disc Changes – 1 October 2014

What are the Changes? From 1 October 2014 it will still be necessary to tax your vehicle and pay for that but there will be no requirement to display the tax disc in your vehicle. Indeed, you will
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Buying a Business? Is a Purchase the Right Decision for you?

Deciding to purchase a business A decision to purchase a business should result from a careful consideration of what it is you want to ultimately achieve and what will be involved in pursuing that
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Choosing between Assets or Shares? A Brief Guide to their Sale or Purchase

Now that you have decided to sell or purchase a business, what exactly are you going to sell or buy? Principally the decision will be whether the business will be sold/purchased by way of an asset
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Is it the Right Time to Sell your Business?

Deciding to sell your business Depending on the circumstances, selling your business may be one of the easiest or toughest decisions you will ever make. There are likely to be many issues
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Avoid Exposing your Business

How Terms & Conditions of Business safeguard your business and its reputation It is not unusual to come across parties entering into an agreement concerning goods and services without having a
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Registration of Company Charges

On 6 April 2013 the Companies Act 2006 (Amendment of Part 25) Regulations 2013 ("the Regulations") came into force which changed the regime for the registration of company charges. The Regulations
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There are Some Aspects of your Business that are Worth Keeping Private

How confidentiality agreements can protect your business What are Confidentiality Agreements? Confidentiality Agreements (also called Non-Disclosure Agreements) are, as their names suggest,
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