A Realistic Alternative to Court

Mediation is a voluntary process offering an alternative to going to court and the opportunity for separating couples to work out what arrangements best suit them and their children.The mediation process enables couples to consider the options available to them and helps them reach joint decisions to resolve the issues that arise on the breakdown of their relationship.

Mediation is constructive and forward focussed, it enables people with the help of an impartial third party to take responsibility and work out solutions that best suit their family taking into account what matters to them on the breakdown of a family relationship. It provides a calm and safe place for couples to talk about what is important to them and helps children if parents are able to work out arrangements together.”

It is far better than having to air your family situation in a Court and a Judge whom you and your children have never met before make decisions about your children and family.

Family mediation can help reduce conflict and misunderstanding; it can be cost effective and assist in better future communication, which is especially important where there are children.

Gill Wright is an accredited family mediator and a member of the Law Society Family Mediation Panel. For further information, and if you would like a free initial conversation about mediation as an option for you please contact Gill

Gill Wright

Consultant | Family Law

01844 268 341


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