Lightfoots entered a team at the Rock Solid event on Saturday October 29th. Extreme obstacles, cold water and mud were promised and we weren’t disappointed. It was 10km (even for those who intended to do the 5km but missed the turn off point) and our team consisted of some who have raced these events before and or seasoned runners but also several people who had either not really run much before or certainly over anything like that distance so extra credit to those should be given when giving up at a variety of stages would have been the much easier option!

The Lightfoots team consisted of

Matt Ponting, Julie Tyrrell, Clair Small, Louise Nunn, Ranjit Thiara, Martin Tomkins, Ian Norman, Melissa Tallon, Clair Small, Leanne Parrott, Chris Biggs and Joe Middleton

Hopefully at the next event the list will be longer!!

Some people might enjoy the idea of solicitors’ flailing about in mud and worse – so here are some pics of the event: