//Letting or Renting Commercial Premises

Letting or Renting Commercial Premises

Whether you are granting a lease of commercial premises to generate an income, or taking a lease of premises to accommodate your business needs, we will work with you to ensure the premises work for you during the term of the lease.

Wherever possible, we use e-conveyancing to speed up communications with all parties involved, and in particular to keep you informed. If you are local we will visit you or meet with you outside of normal hours in order to ensure the best progress possible is made to completion. This means that the busy times that often accompany major projects of this kind do not get in the way of progress. The result is a flexible, fast and efficient service that achieves your business goals.

As a Landlord

There is so much that can decrease the return on your commercial property investment, eroding away that precious profit. We recognise this and will help you negotiate with your tenant to ensure that no matter what the circumstances, the lease works to:

Incorporate any available security from your tenant, so that your rental income is protected;
Clearly identify who is liable for what repairs and expenses; avoiding any unnecessary liability during the term of the lease, whilst ensuring that the value of your investment is maintained; and
Ensure that the requirements of any superior landlord and/or your bank are met.
As a Tenant

There are many traps to fall into, which can result in you paying more than your fair share during the tenancy. We will help you negotiate with your landlord to ensure that:

The lease suits the day to day needs of your business now and, insofar as possible, caters for any future requirements that you may foresee; meaning the needs of your business are met in the best possible way;
You are aware of your obligations under the lease and how these may impact upon your business now and in light of your future plans, which means no unwanted surprises later;
Your liability is kept to a minimum, so that you are not paying more than is necessary; and
Any agreement for works to be undertaken by you or your landlord protects you, so that the works can be completed on time, in budget and with all necessary consents and permissions.

Joe Middleton FCCA ACIS

Senior Partner I Commercial Property

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