//Arrangements for Children

Arrangements for Children

Deciding on the arrangements for your children on the breakdown of a relationship is a complex issue. We can assist you in working out the arrangements for your children in their best interests and in working out a parenting plan. Where appropriate, we seek to encourage agreement between the parents, and family members through mediation. However, in some circumstances a court order may be necessary.

Our family team headed by Gill Wright are able to offer you that specialist help.

Every situation and every family is different and the nature and route by which a dispute is decided will depend on the individual circumstances of your case.

If you do find yourself experiencing difficulties then your first step should be to make an appointment to see us. If you are a new client to our family department we offer a free initial meeting. We will be able to discuss with you your circumstances and advise you of the options available, the procedures involved and the likely costs.

Recommended Reading: Your child’s needs – the Cafcass Parenting Plan

Child maintenance and financial provision

Child maintenance is generally calculated by reference to the Child Maintenance Service’s calculator which can be accessed by clicking here

In certain circumstances it may be appropriate to seek financial support over and above the Child Maintenance Service rates. We can help you with an application for financial provision for your children.

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