The financial limit for small claims in the county court has been set at £5,000 for some time however, for claims issued after 1 April 2013 the limit has been increased to £10.000 (personal injury and housing disrepair claims have lower limits).

After an evaluation of the new limit in practice, it appears this figure may be increased to £15,000 at a later date.

The increase has been introduced in response to a Government consultation on its plans to simplify and speed up the Court system.

Small claims track
The small claims track is designed to provide an informal way to resolve debt issues. Once a matter has been listed to the small claims track, it is usually advisable to take the matter on yourself, as a litigant in person to avoid incurring legal costs that cannot be recovered from your opponent, even if you are successful at any small claims hearing!

How we can help
Under our debt recovery ‘no recovery, no fee’ service we can write to your debtor to request payment of the sums due. If payment is made as a result, we charge a commission based upon the amount of the debt. If no payment is received, we will not make a charge.

However if no payment is received and you do not wish to leave it there, we can issue the claim to court on a fixed fee basis. This means you know how much you will have to pay us to recover the debt from the outset.

However, if a defence to your claim is filed, you may consider it daunting to take it on yourself especially because now, as a result of the change, this may involve a substantial sum of money. In such circumstances, we would be pleased to assist you with defended small claims on a competitive hourly rate, so as to ensure you receive professional, accurate advice in a timely matter. Alternatively, for an agreed cost, we can review steps that you take rather than undertake them for you, so as to keep costs down but at the same time ensure you stand the best chance of recovery.

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