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Why the Wife was Awarded 90% of the Assets in a Recent Divorce Case

The recent case of Morris which hit the headlines in March due to the wife being awarded 90% of the parties’ capital highlights that the needs of the parties and any independent children are often
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Controlling or Coercive Behaviour is Now a Crime

On 29th December 2015 a new law came into force creating a specific criminal offence of “controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship”.  Coercive or controlling
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Error on Online Government Divorce Forms could affect Thousands

If you have used the government’s online Form E financial statement since April 2014, due to a fault in the software, your debts and liabilities may not have been taken into account in the
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Women get Right to Reopen Divorce Settlements after Supreme Court Ruling

A Supreme Court ruling has today given two women the right to have their divorce settlements re-opened after they claimed their ex-husbands misled judges about how much they were worth. Read the full
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Demand for Free Help Almost Doubles Since Cuts to Legal Aid

The Guardian has reported on a doubling in requests for Pro Bono legal assistance over the past three year owing to cuts in civil legal aid. Lightfoots' Madeleine Harrington has this comment: This
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Spousal Maintenance No Longer a ‘Meal Ticket for Life’

In February 2015 the media reported on a Court of Appeal decision where the ex-wife of a millionaire racehorse surgeon was told by the judge to get a job as she has ‘no right to be supported for
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The Importance of a Clean Break

In March 2015 in the highly publicised case of Vince v Wyatt the Supreme Court held that Kathleen Wyatt’s claim against Dale Vince could not be struck out as the merits of the case had to be fully
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