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Assured Shorthold Tenancies to be Abolished

Assured Shorthold Tenancies to be Abolished With everything else in the news, few seemed to notice that the government announced on 15 April 2019 that they intend to abolish the most common type
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'Tis the Season for Articles about the Legal Perils of the Work Christmas Party

Each December, half the law firms in the country seem to post articles about the legal perils of the Company Christmas Party, as both topical and easier for people to relate to than most legal
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Companies Can Claim for Discrimination

It has long been possible for companies to be sued if they discriminate against people. However, a judge has now ruled that companies can themselves claim for discrimination against those who refuse
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European Court Decision on Holiday Pay Affects UK Employers

The European Court of Justice has recently ruled that where staff are paid commission on sales, their holiday pay should include not only basic salary but also an allowance for the commission that
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TUPE: The Impact on Employees when Buying or Selling a Business

What is ‘TUPE’ and how does it affect me? If you are buying or selling a business that has any staff, or if you are one of the staff in a business that is being sold, whether you yet know it or
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Employment Law has Changed. Are you Compliant?

3 key changes happening now to Employment Law that could affect you 1. The new Law about Compromise Agreements Or as they have just been renamed, 'Settlement Agreements'. These Agreements are
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