The Law Society Gazette has reported that despite Government statistics showing a drop in publicly-funded mediation, private mediation between divorcing couples is on the increase. This supports what members of Resolution, such as our Head of Family Gill Wright, have experienced in recent years. Gill passionately believes that mediation is a far more positive and effective approach than using the Courts:

Mediation is constructive and forward focussed, it enables people  with the help of an impartial third party to take responsibility and  work out  solutions that best suit their  family taking into account what matters to them on the breakdown of a family relationship. It provides a calm and safe place for  couples to talk about what is important to them and helps children if parents are able to work out arrangements  together.”

It is far better than having to air your family situation in a Court and a Judge whom you and your children have never met before make decisions about your children and family.

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