The week of 23-29 November 2015 is Family Dispute Resolution Week. The purpose of the week is to raise awareness of different ways of resolving issues which often arise as a result of a breakdown in family relationships other than through the Court process.

Resolution are encouraging parents to put #childrenfirst in separation and divorce, acknowledging that  many couples find it difficult in the circumstances of a separation to understand and prioritise their children’s needs while navigating the practical and emotional issues involved with working out financial matters and the divorce process.

Whilst the end of a relationship is a difficult time for you, if you have children, it may be even more difficult for them. The way you talk to your children about your separation will help them to feel secure and loved by both parents. If you can maintain a respectful and practical working relationship with your former partner this will be beneficial and positive for your children helping them to feel more secure in the changes they will experience in dealing with your separation

The Resolution website contains some excellent resources for parents, with a new online advice area for families who are separating or separated.  A wide range of topics are covered including talking to your children about separation, advice for grandparents, coping with situations such as domestic violence and dealing with your ex partner.

Resolution have also launched a new guide “Separating Together: Your options for separation and divorce” this has the intention of helping separating couples explore alternatives to court using alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.

Gill Wright is an accredited family mediator with more than 15 years experience and is committed to assisting separating couples in achieving outcomes that take into account the matters that are important to them, their children and families  in a dignified and respectful way.


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